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Program Guidelines

Any family, community group, organization, academic institution, church or business may request to participate in the MAKE it YOURS program.

Groups are advised to choose an area in need of care that suits their ability. Eligible areas may include, but are not limited to, school or church grounds, vacant lots and city streets/blocks.

MAKE it YOURS is intended to fill in the gaps between existing adoption programs. Areas eligible for other adoption programs are not eligible for MAKE it YOURS. Check the list of other local adoption programs.

To MAKE it YOURS, groups must first complete a MAKE it YOURS Inquiry form.

All requests must go through an approval process with the appropriate city before being accepted.

Participating groups agree, at minimum, to a two-year commitment including two cleanups per year. Participating groups are welcome and encouraged to plan other beautification activities in addition to the cleanups.

Safety Guidelines must be reviewed before each cleanup and beautification activity and each participant must sign the Liability Release Form.

Participants under the age of 18 must have adult supervision at all cleanup and beautification activities.

iLivehere will provide bags, gloves, litter tongs and safety vests upon request via the Cleanup Supply Request form.

Groups may indicate if they would like a personalized sign to recognize the area. Signage must also go through an approval process with the appropriate city and may not be possible in all areas.

Participating groups must indicate if they will provide their own trash/recycling or if they will need the material collected by a waste hauler after each cleanup. This may also be completed via the Supplies Request Form.

Only garbage placed in iLivehere bags will be collected.

iLivehere bags shall not be used for personal garbage.

Groups are encouraged to recycle as much as possible.

Any large (bulky waste) or hazardous materials encountered must be left on site, as safety should always come first. Please inform Waste Commission of Scott County to arrange for safe and proper disposal by calling (563) 381-1300.

The participating group must report results after each cleanup via the Cleanup Results Report.

A personalized sign (optional and upon approval) recognizing the group will be placed on site after the initial cleanup has been reported. Signs are placed and maintained by City Public Works crews and may not be possible in all areas.

Participating groups are encouraged to take before and after photos of their area and also group photos. When provided to iLivehere, these photos may be used to promote the MAKE it YOURS program.

In the unlikely event groups do not fulfill their commitment (i.e. caring for their area, reporting cleanups) the sign will be removed.