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Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is when garbage and other waste is dumped in ditches, along roadways and on others’ property. Usually those doing it are trying to avoid paying for proper disposal through curbside collection or at a landfill.

Illegal dumping impacts the environment, the character of neighborhoods and the quality of life of local residents. It causes safety hazards to the public and costs local governments millions of dollars every year in cleanup costs.

What we're doing about it
We’re working on it!

iLivehere has teamed up with representatives from local and state governments to create an Illegal Dumping Taskforce. Our first goal is to figure out the scope of the illegal dumping problem in Scott County. Then we plan to educate citizens and take action against offenders!

How you can help
If you see illegal dumping happening, call 911 immediately. If you are driving, pull over first.

If you see illegally dumped items after the fact, and you are in Scott County, visit the Scott County Health Department Website and complete a Nuisance Complaint Form.

If you are in Davenport, you can report illegal dumping through the City's Do What's Right program. Either download the free SmartPhone app (CityConnect, Davenport, IA) or visit the Police Department's Do What's Right page.

What are other communities doing?
Local officials in Des Moines worked with a private investigator to set up surveillance cameras and caught illegal dumpers in the act. View the news coverage below:

Five reasons to never dump trash illegally

1. It hurts. Illegal dumping harms our soil and water by allowing toxic chemicals to seep into the ground.

2. It’s hazardous. Piles of trash provide breeding grounds for insects and create hazards for children and animals.

3. It’s expensive. The cost of cleaning up illegal dumping is greater than the cost of disposing of materials properly.

4. It’s ugly. Illegal dumping erodes property values, discourages economic development, and is just plain unsightly.

5. It’s illegal. If you illegally dump and get caught, a first citation can cost at least $250 plus fees.